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The Latino Support Network is also a Massachusetts certified Community Development Corporation (CDC) and we work collaboratively with our local residents, community-based organizations, local government and others to create affordable housing in the city of Lynn and provide pathways to increase home ownership and create greater wealth in our community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources, services and to serve as a connector in order to support the integration process of our Latino community and other immigrant communities in the United States.To promote the potential, talent and productivity of our clients and to offer a source of reliable information and support in the process of integration. To promote and strengthen mutual cooperation and education amongst our network of support and in partnerships with other organizations with the objective of fostering and exercising a good and active citizenship and to improve the quality of life for our community.

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Our History

One of the greatest assets and opportunities for the cities of Lynn and Boston is the wonderful diversity of their population.  This same asset can turn into a challenge and a threat if it is not valued, fostered and developed.  Education continues to be the key to successful integration and to create a vibrant and prosperous community.
Thousands of new Americans choose Lynn and Boston as their place to realize their American dream, the integration process and the barriers new Americans face have never been easy, however education is definitely the key to successfully become an active member of society and exercise good citizenship.
According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education the combined waitlist for adult basic education and ESOL classes is over 18,000 people who are waiting to participate and improve their language proficiency as well as other key skills and areas of basic education and citizenship.  38% of those on a waitlist are males and 62% are females (DESE).  Most of the demand comes from urban areas such as Lynn, Boston, Lawrence, Lowell.

Our Team


Advisory Council

Adrian Burgos

Leandro Diaz

Andrea R Carvajal

Cardeliz Paez

Jose Cabrera

Adriana Oliva

Jose Cuevas
Adriana Torre
Ricardo García
Werner Fuentes
Karina Arreaga
Norma Barrios
Nicole González 
Maribel Zavala
Flor Medina
Sindy De León 
Hossany Zepeda
Nancy Ruiz

Melvin De Leon

Mildred Vasquez

Our Partners & Supporters

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